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Real Estate Sales & Leasing

The Properties sales training guide

“Every day, you’ll have opportunities to take changes and to work outside your safety net. sure, it’s a lot easier to say in your comfort zone… in my case, business suits and real estate…. but sometimes you have to take risks. When the risks pay off that’s when you reap the biggest rewards”. -Donald Trump
“It may seem like commonsense but good property presentation can really affect the bottom line figure achieved, and give you the edge on the competition, which is especially important in a tough market. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes”. -Andrew Ryde

Objectives of Training:

The Sales Training Guide in which you are about to participate is designed to help you obtain informative tools and insight that can be utilized to help compete in this challenging environment. Implementing ideas and a plan that can be career & income changing, in fact it might even be a life changing experience! “Focusing on Real estate “instincts” that allow you to make the right decision in these situations doesn’t come over night. Like anything valuable it takes time to develop.”
These valuable pointers will cut down on some of that Time…….. And will make you more Efficient! Everyone dreams of having their own home or apartment, but is everyone capable of buying their own home or apartment? You will also have the knowledge, power, and capability to convince end users to lease or buy, because end users will trust your professionalism at your line of work.

What you stand to gain:

Your active and interested participation in the Sales Training Guide will provide you with the opportunity to realize these personal
• You will strengthen your professional capacity by developing your ability to organize and communicate your services more effectively to both your clients and your management, and by acquiring standards that you can use to direct, evaluate, and improve your personal sales goals.
• You will enhance your opportunity for personal growth and by developing methods, skills, and tools that will enable you to become more productive and profitable.
• You will derive a greater sense of personal satisfaction from performance of your sales process with clients as you become more proficient in achieving tangible results from your calling efforts.
• You will be able to get more done in less time as you improve your ability to organize and execute your business development responsibilities.
• You will be able to distinguish the best buyers and the best leasers

Course & Schedule:

• The course will run for 4 hours (contact us to know the date)
• Participant’s manual – including the customized course material covered over the course duration.
• Additional readings – for students to read on their own and apply to their own position within the organization.