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Real Estate Negotiation II

“Do you sometimes get to a point in your real estate negotiations where progress grinds to a halt and the deal falters? If so, learn how to look objectively at the way you are negotiating to notice the weak spots and acquire skills to strengthen your natural talents so that your negotiating prowess matches your personality and reaps the results you know you deserve.”


The Dubai Real Estate market is increasingly attaining higher levels of sophistication due to a process of maturing at all levels and a new regulatory regime that has brought about major changes in the way the market operates. In addition, the vast ethnic and cultural diversity encountered in the real estate sector can be particularly challenging for real estate agents methodology taking the participant through a blend of classroom learning and role plays from understanding the client’s needs to closing the deal and maintaining an ongoing relationship long after the initial transaction.


• Knowing how best to communicate and interact with the client, either an existing or new one, with the objective to successfully negotiate each stage of the transaction process in order to close a deal and ensure repeat business from that client thereafter.
• Personal development of staff and agents working in the real estate sector increasing the level of professionalism of the individuals and customer service in the market as a whole, with successful participants increasing their ability to generate markedly higher levels of income.

Course Schedule:

8 Hours