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Owners Association Management Training


As a result of the introduction of the new Rules and Regulations by the Dubai Government, RERA has introduced this course to assist all members of the community, including any interested parties, i.e. Owners, developers, Management companies, Association manager, financiers etc, gain an understanding of the implication and effect these regulations will have on the real estate market in Dubai.

Course Objective

To introduce and familiarize the real estate industry with the new Rules and Regulations which have come into effect;
To ensure that Developer , Owner Association, Boards of Directors, Owners and Management Companies have the requisite level of understanding to be able to fulfill their duties and obligations under the new Rules and Regulations; and
To educate people who are not property professionals regarding their rights and obligations as owners and/or interested parties.

Course Outline


This module focuses on the importance of Owners Associations, as well as the rights and obligations of individual Owners with respect to Common Areas. The roles of Owners, Board Members and Association Managers and all management matters relating to the operation of the Owners Association as a separate legal entity will be addressed.

1. Introduction to Owner Association Management
2. Roles and Responsibilities
3. The Association Manager
4. Financial Management
5. Boards and Meeting
6. Rules and Enforcement


This module provides an introduction to the legal aspects of the new Rules and Regulations relating to Jointly Owned Property. This module will work through the course materials, giving you an understanding of the law and preparing you for the examination.

1. Introduction
2. Relevant Laws
3. Concept of Jointly Owned Property
4. The Owners Association, Board Members, Association Manager and Owners
5. Jointly Owned Property Declarations
6. Advanced Jointly Owned Property
7. Setting Up an Owners Association
8. The Role of RERA and the Land Department


This module helps participants understand the concept and requirements of Owners Association Management as dened under Law and associated topics like Facility Management and Facility Services. The module will increase awareness of the relationship between Facility Management and Owners Association Management and will provide participants with technical and practical knowledge of these issues.

1. Introduction to Facility Management
2. Energy Management
3. Sustainability
4. MEFMA Objectives
5. Introduction to Asset Management
6. General Management and Technical Issues
7. Financial and Customer Services

Schedule, Payment & Document required:-

The program will run 2 days, total of 12 hours of training.
The course will run in the evening from 5pm to 9pm and will be offered in both English and Arabic.

The fee includes:
• Course materials
• Snacks and Refreshments


• Print of your online registration number
• Copy of your Passport and Visa Page
• Copy of Companies Trade License

Payment, Attendance, Examination Policy

• Full attendance is Mandatory
• No refund 10 days before the start of program
• Examinations will be conducted on the third day of the course; grades will be communicated 1 week after that, and it will take the form of Multiple Choice, short answer questions from each module.. The Passing mark is set at 70%, any mark below that will require you to do a re-sit of the exam; and if you do not pass the second exam as well, then you will be required to re-take the course.