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Certified Diploma In Real Estate


Dubai Real Estate Institute is proud to announce its first and unique short intensive Certified Diploma in Real Estate program. The course is approved by RERA, aims to provide the foundation of the real estate field of practice, as well as the basis for operating in the areas of real estate market.

Course Objective:-

• Develop best practices in the real estate market.
• Understand and increase the development of real estate professional skills.
• Increase real estate knowledge of the local community.
• RERA licensing approvals for real estate practice.

Course Outline:-

The course will cover the following 6 modules:

1. Certified Practitioner’s Training course

• Legal Environment.
• Code of Ethics.
• Property Registration & Transfer Procedures.
• Introduction to Standard forms.
• Registrar.
• Introduction to the Owner’s Association.
• Building Consumer Confidence.

2. Real Estate Principles

3. Real Estate Economics

4. Real Estate Finance and Investment

5. Real Estate Marketing

6. Real Estate Management


The Principle of Real Estate compromises of the Concepts, theories, issues and trends in the Real Estate Sector, providing a descriptive comprehensive fundamental laws and facts that relate to the diversifying real estate markets, with greater emphasis on the factors that determines the market value. Introducing the key components of the property market and the relation between them. Factors determining productivity and affecting economic growth will also be induced.

• The nature of real estate and property rights
• The diversity of real estate markets
• Government and the real estate market
• Macroeconomics important for the real estate sector
• Cycles on the real estate market
• Contract Theory with real estate applications
• Owning versus leasing from a user perspective
• Ownership of real estate: Meaning and tendencies


Real Estate Management is about adding value to the Real Estate owner and  optimizing return in relation to risk. Strategic implementation and organization of Real Estate Functions ; market analysis ,maintaining the Physical Integrity ,providing you with the ingredients to develop an strong bounding between the Agent and the Principal and comprehending the core duties of the Property management.

• Real Estate Management Is about…
• Organization of Real Estate Functions
• Duties/Functions of a Real Estate Manager
• Signing Lease Agreements
• Principal / Agent Theory and Management Agreement
• Real Estate Management fees
• Insurance
• Goals & Objectives
• Market Rent –definition
• Real Estate Transparency Index


Marketing is the key component of any business plan, constituent of research process, promotional and sales activities. The module helps identifying the target market and opportunities with the implementation of market research by utilizing of specific tools and inducing the product by carrying out various outbound marketing strategies.

• Basic Marketing Management
• The Marketing Process
• Consider the importance of Marketing
• Putting Marketing into Action
• The Marketing Plan
• Personal Selling
• Relationship between Sales and Marketing
• The Sales Process
• Ethics in Marketing and Sales
• RERA Marketing Requirements


This module focuses on the implementation of Demand and Supply to understand and provides an understanding on how the market operates. It focuses on the effect of demand and Supply on the willingness and ability to buy and the relative factors that affect them.

• “Using Demand and Supply to Understand How Markets Work”
• Demand  and Supply
• Different types of Markets
• Equilibrium
• Effects: Increase in Demand, Increase in Supply
• Extensions
• Price Elasticity of Demand and Consumer Expenditure


Development of the Real Estate projects needs critical Investment and Financial analysis, providing you with the sequential procedure which supports the Real estate development process from the identification of the core objectives till finalizing the investment decision, resulting in profitable outcomes by implementing financial terminologies.

• “Investment Analysis -of Real Estate Development Projects”
• The Real Estate Investment Process
• Real Estate Development Process
• The Real Estate System
• “Investment Analysis -Leverage (gearing) –the use of debt in real estate investments”
• The Balance Sheet Positive Financial Leverage, Negative Financial Leverage
• Risk Management Approach
• Key Risk Elements
• Managing and Controlling Risk

Registration Process:-

Step 1: Visit the RERA website and click on “Training Registration” link in the center of the Home page.
Step 2: Complete the Registration Form in full. Don’t forget to choose the course and date
Step 3: Applicant will receive an auto email after the registration with a reference number to proceed with the payment process. This does not serve as final confirmation of attendance. Final confirmation will only follow after payment is received.
Step 4: Kindly make your payment of AED 12,500 at Dubai Real Estate Institute (Dubai Land Department Building, Ground Floor) from 8am – 4pm.
Step 5: Broker/Agent will receive an email from DREI confirming attendance.

Schedule, Payment, Document required:-

The program will run over a week or 2 weeks, total of 40 hours of training.

The fee includes:
• Course materials
• Snacks and Refreshments
• 50% discount on Library membership


Important Notice:- Kindly provide us with the soft copy of the wire transfer slip to the following e-mail:

• Print of your online registration number
• Copy of your Passport and Visa Page
• Copy of Companies Trade License

Attendance, Examination Policy:-

• Full attendance is Mandatory
• No refund 10 days before the start of program

• Examinations will be conducted on the third day of the course; grades will be communicated 1 week after that, and it will take the form of Multiple Choice, short answer questions from each module. The Passing mark is set at 70%, any mark below that will require you to do a re-sit of the exam; and if you do not pass the second exam as well, then you will be required to re-take the course.

About Lecturers:-

Dr. Georges Maurice

Dr. Mohammed A Abu-Ali

Dr. Marouane Trimeche