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Certification Courses

Dubai Real Estate Institute offers these courses provided by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to help you increase your knowledge and enhance awareness about Real Estate industry. The courses are targeting real estate offices and professionals who are currently working or planning to work in the market. This is more essential for further development and it helps the candidate to have more understanding about the fundamentals of useful skills in Real Estate.  The teaching methods in these courses are theoretical with real life examples and role playing. This way is effective because it gives participants the responsibility of productive learning.

01. Certified Practitioners Training Course (Broker’s) 


Towards establishing a professional and secure work environment in Dubai. The course is approved by RERA, delivered by the Dubai Real estate Institute, targeting all real estate offices and professionals currently working or are planning to work in the market. The course aims to qualify them as real estate specialists in the Dubai market.


• Increase knowledge and qualifications
• Real estate sector awareness
• Mandatory to renew the Real Estate License
• Mandatory to receive the Real Estate License

Course Outline:-

The course modules in the first phase will discuss the following topics:

• Legal Environment
• Code of Ethics
• Property Registration & Transfer Procedures
• Introduction to Standard forms
• Registrar
• Introduction to the Owner’s Association
• Building Consumer Confidence

Module 1: Introduction

Real Estate investment is the greatest business in the world, when it comes to income potential versus capital investment. Dubai property investors need to be aware of the process of purchase, sale and leasing.

• Brief History of Developments in UAE and governing bodies.
• Role of Dubai Land Department and RERA.
• Developers, Homes Owners and brokers registration overview.
• Keys to Real Estate Broker success.
• Facts ruling every Real Estate Market.
• Rental process and Tenancy Agreement.
• Discover the skills of a Successful Agent.
• CMA (Current Market Condition).
• Time management and maximizing your productivity.
• Investments & Financial Management.

Module 2: Legal Environment

Laws and regulations contain many provisions dealing with land ownership, purchase, sale, leasing, rentals and the formation of owners’ associations. In the last few years various different laws have been introduced to regulate property related transactions in the UAE. The Law module will familiarize you with your rights and responsibilities related to property transactions.

• Introduction to the UAE Legal System.
• Insight on different types of Laws.
• Various Rights/Claims Interfering with an Individual’s Property Rights.
• Role played by DLD and RERA
• Non-National Ownership Permitted (Law No. 7 of 2006).
• Remedies to Developers in the Event of Buyers Default on Payment in Off-Plan Transactions.
• Mortgage Law (Law No. 14 of 2008).
• Homeowners Association (Law No 27 of 2007).
• Landlord and Tenant Rules and Regulations.
• Broker Obligations: Agency Law (Law No. 85 of 2006) & Real Estate Professional Ethics.

Module 3: Code of Ethics

The module focuses on the ethical responsibilities and the implications related to complying with the code of ethics and utilizing the knowledge in common real estate activities and understanding the consequences of misconduct. Acquire awareness of the consequences of violating the Code of Ethics.

• Treating all contracting parties fairly.
• Preventing the privacy of all interested parties.
• Undertaking to present the deal to both parties honestly to conduct our business with trust and integrity.
• Providing brokerage services with quality observance of practical value.
• Regulations and Laws applied in the country in respect to our contractual obligations must be liaised with.
• All parties should be dealt with integrity and providing them reliable information.
• Protecting the interests of the contracting parties.

Module 4: Register

The registration of transactions are examined for secure transactions and to provide transparency to contracting parties.

• Rental and Sales registration procedures and instructions.
• Rentals Register.
• Introduction to the Special Transaction Register.
• Special Transaction register for Rentals.
• Register Abbreviation Guide.

Module 5: Transfer and Registration

A Buyer needs to be confident that their ownership of the property is legal and protected ensuring secure and transferable rights are well comprehended. The vital part the regulatory system is designed to protect property verification, highlighting the responsibilities and rights of participating parties, governed by the Regulatory environment and supported by significant guidelines.

• Property registration and Transfer Procedures.
• Registration procedures for different transactions.
• Different stages of a property.
• Conduct of Registered brokers.
• RERA regulations in the Market.

Module 6: Introduction to Owner’s Associations

Our aim in this section is to provide important information to owners, developers, investors and the community about the Owners Association procedures and rules. As well, we provide a basic understanding about community living, the rights and responsibilities of investors choosing multi-unit dwelling complexes. The following are the key elements of this module:

• Individually owned property within Jointly Owned Properties.
• Laws and Regulations Concerning Ownership of Jointly Owned Properties.
• Overview of Jointly Owned Properties – Subdivisions.
• Structure of the Jointly Owned Property Law.
• Owners Association Board and its formation.
• Legal limitations related to Owners Association.
• The Key Players and their roles.
• The developer’s obligations.
• The Owners Association Disclosure Statement.
• MOLLAK Certification.

Module 7: Forms

Dubai Land Department and RERA are setting new standards, practices and striving to ensure Dubai property investors obtain the best and highest service possible from real estate agents and brokers. This includes providing brokers with a brokers’ online community, so they may familiarize themselves with new procedures, changes and the essential forms required for transacting sales and purchases in the Dubai property market.

• Introduction to standard forms.
• The Role of online community.
• RERA assessment .
• On-line industry support tools.
• Brokers‘ contract agreement and termination.
• Form B, Buyer’s Agreement.
• Form I , Agent to Agent Agreement.
• How to qualify your Buyers and Sellers.
• Ethical declaration and the Outcome.
• Application of Form F.
• The Real Estate Cycle.
• Application of Trust rule, rejection and acceptance.


Registration Process:-

Step 1: Visit the RERA website and click on “Training Registration” link in the center of the Home page.
Step 2: Complete the Registration Form in full. Don’t forget to choose the course and date
Step 3: Applicant will receive an auto email after the registration with a reference number to proceed with the payment
process. This does not serve as final confirmation of attendance. Final confirmation will only follow after payment is

Schedule, Payment & Document required:-

The program will run 2-5 days, total of 12-20 hours of training.
(*Schedule is due for availability and booking will only be confirmed once the payment is made)

The course will run in the evening from 5pm to 9pm and will be offered in both English and Arabic.

The fee includes:
• Course materials
• Snacks and Refreshments


Payment, Attendance, Examination Policy:-

• Full attendance is Mandatory

• Examinations will be conducted on the third day of the course; grades will be communicated 1 week after that, and it will take the form of Multiple Choice, short answer questions from each module. The Passing mark is set at 70%, any mark below that will require you to do a re-sit of the exam; and if you do not pass the second exam as well, then you will be required to re-take the course.

About Lecturers:-

Dr. Georges Maurice

Dr. Shahram Safai

Edward Sunna

02. Certified Diploma In Real Estate

03. Ejari Training

04. Owners Association Management Training

05. Surveyors Course