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RERA Certification Course

Q1 – Why do I have to take the RERA Certification course?

A – It is required from licensing department to apply for company license and for broker cards.


Q2 – What does the courses fee include?

A – The course fee includes Course material and Catering.


Q3 – Do you receive credit card payments?

A – Unfortunately we don’t, we only receive cash, cheques, and wire transfers.


Q4 – What is the exam system?

A – The exam is online, and it includes multiple choice questions.

Q5 – What is the passing mark?

A – The passing mark is 60% for Owners and 68% for the Brokers.

Q6 – What if I failed the exam?

A – You have to do the re-sit examination within 2 months.


Q8 – What is the next step after passing the exam and collecting the certificate?

A – You have to apply for the Broker card with RERA Office.

Q9 – What happens if I failed the re-sit exam?

A – If you failed the re-sit exam, you have to register for the course again.

Q10 – Once we’ve obtained the broker ID why should we come for another examination (RERA training Phase2)?

A – It is required for Licensing procedures & Renewal of your Broker ID and is a rule initiated by RERA Licensing Department.

Q11 – Can we view our examination mistakes (manual or online)?

A – Yes, you need to file a request by signing a form and wait for an approval from our Managing Director.

Q12 – Why do we need to do the exam again once we’ve passed the exam previously for the re-issuance of our certificate?

A – As per our re-issuance policy introduced in June 2009 and the accreditation.


Q13 – How many times I can re schedule for the training date?

A – Only one time, and you inform us via e-mail at least four working days before the course date.


Q15 – Do you add grades in the certificates?

A – No we don’t, we only mention that you passed the course.

Q16 – Is there an expiry date for the certificate?

A – There is no expiry date for the certificate, only the card has.


Q17 – What if I miss the training without informing you?

A – If you did not attend the full course without any written notice, you will be required to register again.

Q18 – May we have a participants list?

A – No, the participants list cannot be provided due to customer data retaining issues, we need to safe guard their privacy.


Q19 – Why do we need to carry the folder may we have CD’s instead please?

A – CD’s are available on request, but need to let us know a week before.

Q20 – Can the folders be received at the time of payment?

A – The folder for RERA training one is provided on the day of the training and since RERA training phase 2 is only examination the folders are handed in at the time of Payment.

General Questions About Training

Q21 – We have language issue; will you introduce the courses and the examination in our language?

A – We are in the process of doing so, it will take few more months.

Q22 – Can the course be taken online from a foreign country?

A – We plan to do so in near future.

Q23 – Would DREI provide Student visas and accommodation?

A – Unfortunately we don’t provide student visas and accommodation facilities.